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Jeremy Lin went full Gordon Gekko with his hair last night

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Could it be time for Linsanity, round two? Jeremy Lin played an incredible game against the

Spurs on Monday night, leading his team to a 91-88 win. Charlotte posted only seven points

in the first quarter, and at one point the Spurs were up by 23. And then Lin did what propelled

him to fame in the first place: He sprang into action, scoring 12 points in the second quarter

and 15 in the fourth, handing the Spurs their biggest blown lead loss since 1998. The rapper

Nelly was there. He was jazzed. It’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what led Lin to

put up such incredible numbers last night and once again morph into the basketball maniac

we all know and love. No, it’s pretty obvious: ...

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