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Senior CPC official calls for enhanced dialogue among different civilizations

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ATHENS - Senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official Liu Yunshan on Monday

elaborated on China's concept of civilization, calling for all countries to learn

from each other among different civilizations in a bid to achieve win-win outcomes.

Liu, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central

Committee, put forward the ideas while delivering a speech at the China-Europe

Civilization Dialogue held in Athens.

"The dialogue held in Athens centres on how to enhance mutual learning among

civilizations, which will give a positive push for deepening mutual trust and jointly

building China-Europe civilization partnership," said Liu, who is on an official goodwill

visit to Greece starting on Sunday.

Greece is the birthplace of European civilization, while China is an important representative

of Eastern civilization, and the long history of communication between the Chinese

and European civilizations has constitute the historical progress for the development

of China, Europe as well as the world, said Liu.

Liu said China has always adhered to a concept of civilization featuring the ideas like

diversity, treating each other on an equal footing, harmony and sharing, defusing

confrontation and learning from others.

With regard to difference among civilizations and conflicts between each other, Liu

urged the countries to conduct more communications, dialogues and consultations

in the spirit of openness and inclusiveness.

We should engage in dialogue but not confrontation, replace "civilization clash" with

"civilization harmony", said Liu.

Liu said China's Belt and Road initiative has made satisfying achievements, and

China-Europe comprehensive strategic partnership has become increasingly enhanced.

He added the two sides should take new opportunities to promote China-Europe

civilization exchanges and jointly building a community of common destiny for mankind.

Liu made a four-point proposal to further China-Europe civilization dialogue in terms

of strategic trust, cultural exchanges, non-governmental exchanges and pragmatic


Liu also called for the integration of China's Belt and Road initiative with Europe's

development strategies so as to produce more cooperative outcomes.

On the same day, Liu unveiled a China Culture Center in Athens.

During his stay in Greece, Liu is expected to meet Greek leaders on bilateral relations.

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