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Man who inspired Gordon Gekko character sued over loan debt

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A Las Vegas casino family bet on the stock trader who inspired the Gordon

Gekko character in “Wall Street,” and lost, according to a $1 million lawsuit.

Allison Doumani, whose father-in-law once owned the Tropicana Hotel and Casino,

loaned Asher Edelman $325,000 at 10 percent interest in 2010, her Manhattan

Supreme Court suit says.

When Allison asked to be repaid a year later, Edelman said he didn’t have the

cash, but promised to auction off some artwork to make the payment, the suit says.

He eventually handed over $150,000, but the loan has now ballooned to over $520,000,

according to court papers.

Meanwhile Edelman, whom director Oliver Stone and actor Michael Douglas studied

for the famous “Greed is good” Gekko character in the 1987 film, bought Allison’s

husband, Fred Doumani Jr., out of an art partnership for $365,000 in 2012. But again

Edelman didn’t make the payment and now owes Fred $418,000 including interest,

the suit says.

Edelman declined to comment because he had not seen the suit.

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