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Sontec----Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

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Under the new normal situation, large number of outstanding LED industry brands and

businesses are rapidly rising. On the one hand, the development of technology to reduce

the threshold of LED products manufacturing; on the other hand, led by the industry giants

"price war" continues, directly affect the cause is, LED market began to enter the era of little

profit. And the lighting industry will be in the "butterfly effect".


Due to the low-profit products, the electricity suppliers are in the dilemma; inventory backlog,

funding load, leading to the collapse of the manufacturer; while industry giants but Chouzhunshiji,

accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions.


In the larger environment, the programme of Action by the State Council as the government

implement the revised strategy for manufacturing power "Chinese wisdom made 2025" which

shows that China has great potential of lighting products, the market capacity of one trillion, but

in fact, the current LED market quite a bit "devastated" means.


In this situation, our sontec light is active to design more popular lighting fixture. And in order

to let more clients know our sontec lighting factory, we will attend the Guangzhou International

Lighting Exhibition between 9th June to 12th June 2016, and the booth NO 2.2 A55 in Guangzhou

Pazhou pavilion. Waiting for your visit. In our exhibition, our best sell lighting fixture will in our

show room that you can have a good chance to real more about our lighting fixture. And our

sontec lighting factory provide the best design and service of the lighting products. The idea

of our sontec lighting factory is produce the best lighting fixture and light up the our world.And

our sontec lighting factory always insit in producing the energy saving and low consumption

lighting product. And our sontec lighting factory is the experiened lighting manufacturer and

our lighting products are hot saled in the EU marketing. And our lighting products have gained

he UL SAA CE RoHS certification. The led high bay, IK10 explosion proof light, waterproof light,

led troffer,led recessed light and led grille light are the popular lighting product in the market.

All of our products are good in quality and in the best price.


For more information, please visit  http://.www.sontec. cn or email to info@sontec.cn

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