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Starbucks Could Win Back Miffed Rewards Members With This New Card

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Soon you don’t even have to buy beverages or food at Starbucks to earn Starbucks rewards.

The coffee giant announced on Wednesday it would roll out a prepaid Visa debit rewards

card by the end of the year. The card, issued by Chase, would let users earn rewards

loyalty points or “stars” when they make purchases anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

Starbucks hasn’t yet made public how rewards will be earned with the new card, USA

Today reports, or if points will be earned at the same rate whether the user is making

purchases at Starbucks or another merchant (say, Dunkin’ Donuts, for instance).

The new card could help mollify customers who were upset when Starbucks switched

how customers earn loyalty points. Points used to be given based on the number of visits,

meaning your patronage would earn you the same number of rewards points whether

you bought plain coffee or fancy blended (and pricier) drinks.

But last month, Starbucks switched things up and announced it would start next

month awarding points based on how much people spend instead. Under the old

system, a user could earn a free coffee after spending about $24. With the new

math, that goes up to more than $62.

The coffee giant’s brand reputation fell sharply in a survey taken shortly after the

announcement was made, although Starbucks said it actually got more loyalty

program signups after it announced the change. Either way, giving people more

ways to accrue points for freebies is likely to make both camps happy.



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