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Which requests has the burying of earthy installation ?

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Reply: earthy the installation burying depth and decoration style according to design to ask to construct. Earthy body summit that generally burying among earth answers 0 the distance ground.5~0.8m.
1 when burying, the angle iron of lower end must reduce sharp, the steel tube of lower end must process become sharp or round take care beat flat plumb infiltrate underground, the flat steel burying underground must set up to put.
2 dig first before burying firstly broad 0.6m, 1m deep underground drainage, will earthy again the body infiltrates underground, upper end bare 0 at channel.1~0.2m, so as to the weld earthy thread.
3 before burying, must examine all connect part, must use to electric welding or gas welding the weld is fastidious, such contacts face generally must not is smaller to is 10cm2, must not use the tin to solder.
4 after burying, earthy the body surrounding returns fill newly soil tamp, must not fill to enter the brick burnt dregs. For gauge earthy resistance is convenient, should receive at suitable positional adornment wiring the check post, according to prepare gauge earthy the use of resistance.
5 It is like make use groundwater take care or the building metal member naturally earthy the body, should guarantee to there be good contact under any situation.

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