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These are the hottest places around the globe

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If you thought your summer has been scorching, you may want to take a look

at some of these places. There are some places that are too hot for a weather

station — let alone people

NASA operates two satellites to help measure these scorching global temperatures,

here are some of the highest:

Dasht-e Lut Desert, Iran

Temperatures in this 200 mile wide salt desert can reach as high as 159ºF — leaving

it completely uninhabited, not even bacteria can survive here.

Ghadames, Libya

This oasis town is in the middle of the desert and reaches temperatures as high

as 131ºF — those who live in the town have houses with thick mud walls to stay cool.

Dallol, Ethiopia

Despite being a volcanically-active region, and reaching daily temperatures of

over 106ºF — it's considered the hottest inhabited place on earth.

The Flaming Mountain, China

Considered the hottest area of China, this red sandstone has measured temperatures

as high as 152ºF.

Death Valley, California

It's the lowest and driest point in the United States and deemed one of the hottest.

Reaching an average daily temperature of 136ºF.

So when the weather gets warm next time you're at the beach -- be thankful

you aren't in one of these places.

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