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How do International Electric Committee(IEC) grade to lamp dustproof waterproof function?

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1.the lamp dustproof function divides into 6 levels:
one level dustproof: protect bigger than 50mm solid things;
two levels dustproof: protect bigger than 12mm solid things;
three level dustproof: protect to bigger than 2.5mm solid things;
four levels dustproof: protect to bigger than 1.0mm solid things;
five levels dustproof: also say "dustproof";
six levels dustproof: also say to completely dustproof or "the dust secret". 2¡ê?the lamp waterproof function divides into 8 levels:
a waterproof: prevent to plumb raindrop that fall;
two waterproof: prevent according to most greatly reach raindrop that 150o angle of inclination fall;
three waterproof: prevent rain, also says to prevent "drain";
four waterproof: prevent "splash";
five waterproof: prevent "puff";
six waterproof: prevent big wave;
seven waterproof: prevent to soak, also say "the water secret";
eight waterproof: prevent the long time soaks, also say "pressurize the water secret".

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