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Putin ordered to start withdrawing most of its forces from Syria

Hits:  UpdateTime:2016-03-21 17:30:15

president Putin of Russia says he has ordered his military to start withdrawing most of its forces

from Syria. The Russia Defense Ministry said the air campaign had helped Syrian government forces

recapture more than 400 towns and villages. Sara Rainford is in Moscow. Russia's withdrawal from

Syria is as much of a surprise as the start of airstrikes there. But almost 6 months after

intervening to back up his ally Bassar al-Assad, president Putin says Russia troops have

turned for tide in Syria's conflicts, and it's time to bring them home. By intervening so dramatically in

Syria, Vladmir Putin made it clear that Russia today is prepared to assert its interests. He's ensured

that Moscow have a far greater say now in the Syrian peace talks. Here at home, the operation is

being presented as a great success.

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