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An epic dinner party quest in Lima

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No matter what language you speak or where you come from, sharing a meal with

friends is the best way to spend an evening.

The series RSVP Abroad drops our host in a foreign city with nothing (and no one)

to help her complete her challenge: Throw an authentic, intimate dinner party

that even the fussiest of locals will deem cool. Through a combination of social

media suggestions and local tips from, well,

anyone that will help her, our host must source authentic dishes, drinks, music,

decor, a dinner table - and, of course, new friends to fill it.



There is no doubt that main actor of a party is food, While the best partner

of food is definitely lighting. LIGHTING can enhance the color figure of the

dishesmaking people feel hunger. Sontec lighting fixture is one of the best

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waterproof light downlightand so on.IN the context of of party

lighting need covering a wide area. SO the highbay and downlight shall be

good choices for this kind of dinner party