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Usa company explore the future traffic

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In the United States, a company is working on a project that could change the way 

we think about public transportation. Its planned system would move people 

around in steel

 tubes.Those passengers would be traveling at speeds of up to 1,200 kilometers

 per hour.

The futuristic steel tube transportation system is called Hyperloop. Workers plan 

to test the system next year in a specially built community called Quay Valley. The

 town will be powered entirely by energy from the sun.

The Hyperloop transport system is the idea of businessman Elon Musk. Dirk 

Ahlborn is head ofHyperloop Transportation Technologies. He says his company

 has taken Mr. Musk's idea and isdeveloping a system that will be safe, environmentally

 friendly and fast.

 Nowadaysthe advanced technology is the key to an enterprise, A company

with high tech will be full of energy and vigor while the low tech company will be

deadly.This is great true because sontec is a kind of company that focus much

on it’s technology update and talents training. That s why it survive under the

fierce competition.For exampleled downlight, which make it possible for 24w

recessed led downlight equals to 100w incandescent lights or CFL 36w lamp

less watt less electronic cost.In the days to comesontec lighting will figure

out how to absorb the energy from the sun the wind to light up this world.

thats pretty exciting.