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Jerome Kern is often called the father of American musical theater. Kern is remembered for

the hundreds of songs he wrote for musical plays and movies. Music historians say that Kern

gave artistic importance to American popular music for the first time. And, they say, he led

the development of the first truly American theater music.

Jerome Kern was born into a middle-class family in New York City in eighteen eighty-five.

Jerome's mother, Fanny, loved the piano. She began to teach Jerome how to play when he

was very young. He became a fair piano player but not so good that anyone expected him to

become a great musician.

Jerome was a quiet boy and not a top student. When he completed high school, his father said

he would have to work in the family's store. Mister Kern said his son could never make money

writing music. But he later came to believe that Jerome might do better in music than in business

after all. So he let the boy go to Europe to study music, as almost all serious young musicians

did at the time.

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