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The innovation of technology

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A recent report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple  is gearing up

for a significant overhaul with the 2017 iPhone, which could either be called the iPhone 7s

or the iPhone 8. The device will apparently move away from a metal casing and toward a

fusion of metal and glass, include wireless charging, additional biometric functions, and more.

It sounds exactly like the kind of major overhaul that one may have expected with the iPhone

that's expected to come out later this year.

Interestingly, the fact that Apple is apparently planning to bring a major overhaul to the 2017

iPhone has many investors and Apple watchers wondering whether the iPhone 7 will wind

up being a minor update to the iPhone 6s.

I believe that even if the iPhone 7 winds up looking like a slimmer iPhone 6s with less

annoying antenna band as rumored, it can still represent a substantial upgrade from the 6s.

Iphone company is updating the technology to adapt to the globolization. They researched

the new types of products, such as watch,with the metal and glass covering. within sontec

lighting, some types of item are showed. ST-ALU6016W, With the housing materials of

aluminun, it can be a both fashion and quality  which usually can be seen one side of it on

the market. In addition, it can also be signed as dust proof ,water proof,antiproof. Under

the working emergency of 110-277, it is suitable for both asia and western market.where

these products can be applied? Present, there is no defined answer but food production

areas, warehouse , office.