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SleepRevolution Takes College Campuses Back To Bed

Hits:  UpdateTime:2016-04-11 15:53:02

For virtually every college student, sleep is somewhat of an afterthought; it’s often

prioritized only after academics and social lives take precedence in our schedules.

College students have neglected to let themselves sleep, which is why Arianna Huffington

(of the Huffington Post) has rolled out a national campaign/event series based off her book,

 The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time.

, much like the freedom of expression. She wrote the book after realizing that most of

us are “in the midst of a sleep-deprivation crisis that creates anxiety, as well as exhaustion,

depression, a higher risk of motor vehicle accidents — and overall sleep-deprived stupidity,

Why aren’t we getting enough sleep?

Copious amounts of pressure plague college students daily, as we tend to juggle much

more than we can healthily handle (extra units, multiple jobs, internships and high involvement

in various organizations). What we should remember is that sleep actually enhances

productivity when we are awake, so sleeping nine hours and working for 15 will allow

you to accomplish much more than sleeping for six hours and working for 18.

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