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SpaceX rocket launches inflatable room to the ISS

Hits:  UpdateTime:2016-04-11 16:17:15

The inflatable room will attach to the International Space Station (ISS) for a two-year test and become

the first such habitat to hold humans in orbit.

In a major success for SpaceX, the reusable main stage booster of its rocket successfully landed on an

ocean platform for the first time.

Staff at SpaceX mission control at California cheered as the news came in.

The inflatable habitat was built by Nevada company Bigelow Aerospace and is intended to pave the way

towards the use of such rooms for long space trips, including to Mars.

Its launch is the first Nasa cargo run for SpaceX .when an unmanned cargo rocket exploded soon after take-off.

The Falcon 9 rocket lifted off on schedule at 16:43 local time (20:43 GMT) from Cape Canaveral Air

Force Station in Florida.

A capsule, containing the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (Beam) alongside other supplies for the

ISS and its crew of six, is scheduled to dock at the Space Station on Sunday morning, starting at around

09:30 GMT.


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