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China, Myanmar to enhance trust

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China and Myanmar vowed on Thursday to further enhance political trust with

mutual respect, to advance major investment projects and to realize peaceful

settlement of hostilities in northern Myanmar.

Premier Li Keqiang hosted a ceremony on Thursday to welcome Myanmar's State

Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, the country's No 2 leader, who started a five-day

official visit to China on Wednesday.

"China is the first country you've visited outside the Association of Southeast Asia

Nations after taking office as state counselor, showing the importance the

government of Myanmar and you yourself have attached to the bilateral relations,"

said Li.

The premier said China and Myanmar are closely connected by extensive mountains

and rivers, and the two peoples call each other baobo (brothers and relatives).

Li said that bilateral cooperation should focus on the benefit of both peoples and

achievement of win-win outcomes.

China is willing to link its strategies with Myanmar's, to cooperate in key areas and

to advance major projects such as the China-Myanmar oil and gas pipeline project

and Myitsone Dam, he said. The dam, a joint project to build a large hydropower

station, began construction in 2009 but was halted by Myanmar over environmental

concerns in 2011.

Li said he hoped that Myanmar can resolve the issue of the dam, and Suu Kyi said

Myanmar will set up an investigative commission to find a solution, according to

Deputy Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin.

Suu Kyi said Myanmar's new administration highly values its ties with China and

is committed to strengthening relations. Myanmar will continue high-level

exchanges with its neighbor, enhance political trust, boost cooperation in

such fields as cross-border trade and agriculture, and maintain stability in

border areas, she added.

China supports Myanmar in choosing a path suitable for its own national

condition and backs its efforts to develop its economy and improve people's

livelihoods, Li said.

Li also said China respects Myanmar's sovereignty and territorial integrity and

will continue to play a constructive role in promoting peaceful settlement of

hostilities between armed ethnic groups and the national government in northern


Deputy Minister Liu said that China and Myanmar agreed to promote the

peaceful settlement by strengthening communication and exchanges.

After the meeting, two agreements were signed on economic and technological

cooperation between the two countries.

Suu Kyi is to visit Shaanxi and Yunnan provinces after her trip to Beijing, and

she has invited Li to visit Myanmar, Liu said.

China is Myanmar's biggest source of investment, and both countries have

historically forged a deep-rooted friendship, said Ruan Zongze, executive

vice-president of the China Institute of International Studies.

China is willing to see a peaceful and stable Myanmar and will take a

responsible and constructive role in helping to achieve that goal, Ruan said.

"Myanmar has started to open up to the outside world," Ruan said.

"China should get used to new changes and work with the neighbor to achieve

pragmatic and win-win cooperation."

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